GeekOUT 2018 Conference Opening

Opening Keynote: CERN from IT perspective

Derek Mathieson

The Truth about Fried Chicken and Labradoodles

Andy Feltham

Developing Multiplatform Projects in Kotlin

Dmitry Jemerov

Java Next – New Releases, Valhalla, Amber, and More Goodies

Nicolai Parlog

Troubleshooting & Debugging Production Microservices in Kubernetes

Ray Tsang

From Zero to ML with Cloud Platform

Sara Robinson

Eclipse MicroProfile for Cloud Native applications

Alasdair Nottingham

Serverless, the Future of the Cloud?!

Bert Ertman

GraphQL – APIs the New Way

Volodymyr Tsukur

Opening Keynote: High Performance Managed Languages

Martin Thompson

Shoulders of giants: Languages Kotlin learned from

Andrey Breslav

HotSpot Intrinsics

Volker Simonis

Adding Search to Legacy Apps

David Pilato

To JAR Hell And Back – A Live Migration to Java 11

Nicolai Parlog

Cluster Consensus: When Aeron Met Raft

Martin Thompson

Create effective tests or create excuses — testing the Java EE way

Sebastian Daschner

Solving Problems with Reasoning, Semantic Wizardry and Java

Rustam Mehmandarov

Low-latency messaging without sun.misc.Unsafe

Mark Price

Graal: How to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life

Chris Thalinger

Event Sourcing, distributed systems & CQRS with Java

Sebastian Daschner

Making Microservices Micro with Istio and Kubernetes

Ray Tsang

How I Learnt to Stop Compiling and Love Clojure

Antti Virtanen & Tatu Tarvainen

GeekOUT 2018 Conference Closing