Rustam Mehmandarov

Rustam Mehmandarov

Leader of JavaZone; Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin. A competency network coordinator for architecture and integration at work. One of the organizers of Arctic IoT Challenge. Course instructor. Speaker. Java Champion.

Solving Problems with Reasoning, Semantic Wizardry and Java

Friday, June 8 – Day 2 - 15:00 - Room 1

Ever heard of Zebra Puzzles? Those logical puzzles that are claimed to be invented by Albert Einstein as a little boy? Some claim that only 2% of the population can solve it without any help. However, with the help of semantic technologies we can solve it in (almost) no time.

We will start with introducing the puzzle. Then we will continue by looking at the toolbox for solving it. We will build a semantic representation of the puzzle (basically, a graph!), programmatically add some inferred facts and reason and solve the puzzle. Suddenly solving puzzles is a piece of cake for the other 98%.