Dmitry Jemerov

Dmitry Jemerov

Dmitry Jemerov has been working with JetBrains since 2003 and has participated the development of many products, including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm and others. He was also one of earliest contributors to Kotlin. Right now he leads the team working on the Kotlin IntelliJ IDEA plugin, as well as writing a book on Kotlin in co-authorship with Svetlana Isakova.

Developing Multiplatform Projects in Kotlin

Thursday, June 7 – Day 1 - 11:30 - Room 2

Kotlin 1.2 introduced experimental support for building multiplatform projects. A multiplatform project allows you to reuse your business logic code, written in Kotlin, between all tiers of an application – the server code running under the JVM, the browser running JavaScript, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps. The shared portion of the code is compiled to all platforms and may delegate to platform-specific implementations of certain APIs or libraries. The platform-specific parts are also written in Kotlin and have full access to the features of each of the supported platforms.

In this talk, we’ll look at the language and IDE features that enable multiplatform development in Kotlin, and will study an example project showcasing all the tiers – backend, Web frontend and two mobile apps. We’ll also discuss future directions for the evolution of multiplatform development in Kotlin.