Tatu Tarvainen

Tatu Tarvainen

Tatu is a software architect and resident Clojure evangelist, a parenthusiast if you will, at Solita and is currently working on a large scale public sector service in Clojure/ClojureScript.

How I Learnt to Stop Compiling and Love Clojure (with Antti Virtanen)

Friday, June 8 – Day 2 - 15:00 - Room 3

We will cover our journey from experimenting with Clojure to becoming the number one Clojure-house in Finland, possibly the number one in Scandinavia. We will cover what insights we have gained during this amazing journey from the business perspective and technical perspective. When should you consider using Clojure instead of other JVM languages and why? What makes Clojure different from Scala, Kotlin or other JVM languages? We will also cover how ClojureScript extends the reach of Clojure from backend to implementing the UI for a web application.

If you know nothing about Clojure, you should come and expand your horizon!